Why create FileCoinClub?

  • Because Ethereum brought smart contracts, so that the rapid development of the entire blockchain ecology, but the rapid development of the same time, the size of the block, can not carry more application scenarios.
    The emergence of FileCoin brings a turning point for the issue of blockchain storage. Whether or not Dapp can do more is likely to be affected by storage size. If you have storage support, social, short video and other multimedia applications will be able to set the scene.
    On the other hand, data now resides on the central server, but does not belong to the user itself, user privacy is ruthlessly stolen. This is an Internet era, this is a streak in the eyes of Internet giants age. It is time to return the data ownership to the user, the user himself is the privacy control.
    FileCoin network is strong, is that his network nodes are scattered and numerous, we need miners to support the network. Like miners, our miners spread the fire globally, and the FileCoin network becomes even more powerful as long as one of our regions receives our fire. We are not just miners, we are more burdened with our mission.
    FileCoinClub is everyone's harbor, where we learn from each other and grow each other.
    My email is wzxiejinbin@gmail.com

  • Thanks for informations.

  • our group https://discord.gg/AU4Ype9



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