If there does exist such a thing, I cannot find it.

zenground0 [7 hours ago]
I don't believe there is

zenground0 [7 hours ago]
tho maybe phritz has some "refactor the vm" issues that are relevant

laser [7 hours ago]
I assert to you that we must create an InitActor in order for CreateStorageMiner conform to the specification.

Why [7 hours ago]
I’ll take things I don’t disagree with for $400 Alex

zenground0 [7 hours ago]
Agreement all around. However this is one of those changes that is pretty orthogonal to getting the storage protocol to work and something we can already do. We need to track it but I see it as a secondary priority to (for example) getting faults or arbitrating deals working.

anorth [3 hours ago]
Thanks @zenground0, I concur. Init actor is in our high-level backlog, but I'm not surprised there's no issue yet. Is it reasonable to draw our boundary there for now?